Whether it is working in our purpose built recording or surround/5.1 mix studios or working on location for production sound Digital Mixes has you covered for audio. We also have ambisonic and binaural setups for VR and are working on audio for VR productions. Sound to picture, Foley, sound design, sound rescue/de-noising, batch processing.

The Long Walk - Digital Mixes

The Long Walk

Who's watching Oliver trailer Digital Mixes

Oliver trailer

The River Trailer - Digital Mixes

River trailer

Rossif Sutherland interview - Digital Mixes

Interview with Rossif

The Great Hack

The Great Hack

Extreme Rides - Digital Mixes for National Geographic

Extreme Rides

Un Lieu Sur Digital Mixes audio services

Un Lieu Sur

Ghost Fleet - Digital Mixes

Ghost Fleet

Trailer for Pani Audio by Digital Mixes


Audio studios Chiang Mai

Every Beat matters

Audio studios Chiang Mai

Why Recharge

Audio studios Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai audio post production services

Oreo Biscuit advertisement

Dropzone music festival - Chiang Mai Audio services

Dropzone EDM Music Festival

Audio post production Chiang mai - Digital Mixes - Wally got wasted

Wally Got Wasted – Comedy feature film

Chiang Mai audio services


Audio studios Chiang Mai

The Secret show

Chiang Mai voice over audio service - Digital Mixes

Voice over by Alex Boyesen

Travel Chef Digital Mixes audio

Travel Chef

Audio engineering Chiang Mai

Even Droids have friends

Soundscaping Services Chiang Mai


Digital Mixes audio

Way you are

Twilight over Burma - Digital Mixes

Twilight over Burma

Chiang Mai audio services

Cambodian singer

Sound scaping Digital Mixes

Grilled Chicken

Andy Ricker Digital Mixes

Intro Andy Ricker

Vue de Ciel

Vue de Ciel