Working from our dedicated animation office in central Chiang Mai we create 2D animations that educate, inform and entertain. Supported by our sound recording and mixing studios, script writing capabilities, translation and dubbing experience alongside creative direction we have been working for a wide range of clients including the UN, Red Cross, The British Council, Asia Indigenous People’s Pact and Swiss educational company, Chuna AG.

Digital Mixes animation studios Chiang Mai

British council grammar chants

Nutty animation by Digital Mixes


Digital Mixes Animations

Animation odds and sods.

Chuna AG

Chuna AG

Chiang Mai animation studios

Ed and Ellie

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Digital Mixes animation characters

Animations characters.

Digital Mixes animation studios Chiang Mai

Animation explainers

REED animation Digital Mixes

Indigenous peoples, REDD+ and rights

What are disasters? - Digital Mixes

What are disasters? – Assorted languages

Save the pill for the really ill

As well as comics, brochures, websites and other content we created a series of animations to teach the viewer about the dangers of antibiotic misuse.

Indiginous people Digital Mixes animation

indigenous peoples rights in action

Indigenous women's rights digital Mixes

Indigenous women’s rights

Ear Care Day

Ear Care Day

Self determination and Development video

Self determination and Development

Animation studio Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai animation

Bid for rooms

Chiang Mai animation studio - Row your boat

Row your boat