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Our Chiang Mai Video Production services are supported with professional audio, grip, lights and editing. We can ask the questions, direct and make editorial decisions or collaborate with you.

Dollies, gimbals, cranes, sliders and drones can make things more interesting. Various levels of camera and DOPs are available to suit your project. We are particularly interested in high end documentary and independent films as well as educational and promotional films.

Digital Mixes interviews


Digital Mixes nature video


Digital Mixes nature video

Tilt-shift lens

Digital Mixes nature video

Nina Leo

Digital Mixes nature video

Know about Love

Digital Mixes microlight video

Gimbal attached to microlight

Jenifer Douros video

Jenifer Douros

Digital Mixes food security video

Indigenous Peoples and food security

Forest conservation video


Digital Mixes Video

Karen tribe

Vue de Ciel

Vue de Ciel

Digital Mixes spider video

Beauty in the Digital Mixes garden

Roll Back Malaria

Roll back Malaria

Digital Mixes media production Chiang Mai

Russian advert

Digital Mixes video

Alpha Male formula