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Scenario 1 - Animation

You have recorded the voice talent and created the animatic.

Before you start outputting the animation you render a time-coded digital video of the animatic which you upload to us which we place into our editing environment. At this point we can start work straight away getting familiar with the timing and content of the work and commencing the iterative process of creating sound assets.

At predetermined times we will upload streaming media files that you can watch and listen to from anywhere, anytime for review. Alternatively we can: Upload a higher quality audio/video file for you to download and review on a local computer. Upload a CD quality sound-file for you to place under your copy of the animatic/animation - I can supply software to allow you to do this on a medium quality PC.

File sizes would be 23 meg a minute for a downloadable video file, 10 meg a minute for CD quality stereo audio and streaming rates can be anything you want. I recommend at least 280 kbps.

Reviews are made via email, phone, video phone, letters, semaphore and changes implemented.

As sections of the animation are completed they are delivered and placed over our animatic and the process continues as before. As they are completed, music files delivered from your composer are integrated into the mix. Eventually the animation is finished and soon after the sound is completed bar mixing. I would be happy to hand off a full mix but you have a favourite studio and mix engineer that you like to use so instead I give the engineer the choice of a complete render of each of the annotated audio tracks or I supply AAF or OMF files of the session and any other assets requested.

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