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Audio Rescue

You have audio that you really want to use but in the background there is a hum, it's too quiet, too much treble, it's too big to fit on your CDR, the dialogue is full of explosifs, background noise is louder than the content you want to hear.
Basically audio troubleshooting.

There are of course limits as to what you can achieve but we will always push the envelope to solve your problems.

  • You have a dictaphone recording and the speech is unintelligible because of background noise but you need to hear what was recorded
  • You want to get rid of hums and noise from an otherwise good recording
  • You have a number of sound files that need to be edited and matched (see also batch processing)
  • You have a sound file which is 100Mb and only 50Mb of space
  • You have an audio interview and you want to get rid of hesitations, microphone noise, repetition and the interviewer
  • You have poor quality recordings that need optimising

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