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Sound Recording

We have not built a multi-track recording studio as part of the Digital Mixes facility but instead a high quality mix studio and recording room (using the golden ratio dimensions) . Our focus is on the editing of material already recorded or the recording of 'in situ', ambient, foley and FX audio as well as voice both wild and to picture.. (See Soundfield)

If multitrack recording facilities are required we believe, as there are so many possible recording scenarios, that we can offer a better service by using a cost effective, local studio, we also have a special deal with Technicolor in Bangkok.

Sessions would be charged at cost alongside a fee for management, direction and quality control. Take a look at our rooms. on a Dgital Mixes sister site.

We have run many successul recording sessions using Skype where a remote producer or director can take part in the session and is able to talk to and listen directly to the talent and the studio.

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