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Audio visual production

The following samples are meant for streaming viewing only. All content remains copyright of the content owners and is used on this site for demonstration purposes only - Please come back, this area will be updated on a regular basis as we have so much more to upload. If you want to see samples of music videos please go to Bands filmed.

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Links to online work. Note these will open in a separate window.

International Red Cross
We created 6 animations in 7 seven langauages for the Red Cross as part of an initiative to teach children, through gameplay, how to cope with and prepare for disasters. This is being distributed throughout Asia via DVDs but if you follow the above link you will be able to see the back up website we created for alternative viewing

Who Killed Antibiotics
In Partnership with international NGO, React, we have developed an animation series to teach viewers about the problems we will be facing with antibiotics misuse over the coming years. If you think this sounds boring think again, please take a look!!

Chuna AG
There are examples above of animations we have completed on behalf of Swiss client Chuna AG. Please take some time to take a look at Chuna AG for a more complete overview of this project. In addition to animations we have project managed and creatively directed writing and educational projects.

Online examples
Take a look at some interactive projects we have undertaken in the past. Do not forget to change the TV channel!!