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Scenario 2 - Film

You have spent months creating your short. It has taken twice as long and cost twice as much as you thought but you have a beautiful final cut but, as is often the case, the sound just does not come up to the same standard.

The dialogue is noisy, different levels, different ambiences, Audio Dialogue Replacement (ADR) work is needed Ambient sound and spot effects also need to be added.

There is music but it needs to be edited into the film, some of the music spots are a little too long and one music section could do with raising in pitch to fit better with some ambient sound.

There are spaces that need simple tones, pedal notes or a shortened edit of one of the music tracks.

Output a digital version of the final cut in with burnt in time code and the current stereo audio edit
Output the current audio you are using ensuring sounds/speech are kept separate

Gather any other assets you may have such as location sound files/log files, specific sound files, music and so on and any briefing notes you may have.

Using these assets we will put together a project, call you up discuss your brief, specific spot points then get down to work.

There are, of course, so many variables but in this example we find ourselves denoising, level matching, ambience matching as well as the creation of foley and spot effects and the layback of other supplied audio assets.

On a predetermined basis we upload examples of work for review as per Scenario 1, again we can do all the preparatory work which is then sent back to your favourite studio for the final mix or we can output a final mix. We can also prepare for surround sound.

ADR work. Although I am happy to make new recordings via ISDN here in Thailand it might make more sense if these are recorded in a local studio where you have easy access to the voice talent and then integrated by us using tools such as Vocalign for lip-sync and Acoustic Mirror for ambience matching. They do not even have to be that accurate using the tools we have available. This is something we can discuss. Of course you can all come out for a holiday to Thailand and do some recording!!!

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