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Your Man in Thailand

Here in Thailand there is an enormous amount of local and farang (foreign) talent working in all areas of media production to the highest professional standard at costs lower than you would expect to pay in Europe or the States

Digital Mixes is constantly consolidating its network of competent personnel and companies in order to be able to offer services beyond the disciplines currently offered.

Do you need top class 2D and 3D animation, magazine layout and design? Then we can help you.

Any production questions or queries please do not hesitate to make contact


You have an idea or task and you want to talk to someone about it.

If it is anything to do with 'New Media' or any combination of the areas of expertise outlined on this site then we can help.

We will not charge to tell you whether we can help or not and, with your input, we can give you an outline of the time, cost and resources required for your project

Show Production

If there is one environment we love to work in it's the 'live event environment'. We have been involved in or responsible for show production one way or the other for over twenty years .

  • Tours throughout Europe and the States,
  • Live sound engineering from the Festival Hall to Glastonbury
  • PA and light rigging throughout the UK
  • Consulting and installation of equipment for venues and clubs
  • Worked at and managed concerts and events for up to 100,000 people,
  • Direction and management of multi camera shoots


The global village sees the opening of new markets and opportunities for existing and new products but only if you have made the effort to address the country and the culture you are selling to It is not simply a question of translation that makes something suitable for another market, you need to factor in semantics and cultural differences.

Through experience of working in media localisation for clients such as Disney and Microsoft and having considerable contacts throughout the industry, if you have media that needs adapting for the Thai market or Thai media destined for elsewhere then we can help or advise.

  • Subtitles
  • Dialogue replacement
  • Titles
  • Packaging
  • Other